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No News, New News, and News About Categories

May 27, 2019


Whoever coined the phrase "no news is good news" has clearly never been "head-is-going-to-explode" busy.


No news can, in fact, mean no time for news—or in my case, no time for blogging.  I’m sure all you equally busy people know that uncomfortable rubber-band-stretched-to-its-limit feeling.


So far, 2019 has been absolutely jam packed.  Since Christmas I have been trying to recuperate from three colds in a row plus an upper respiratory infection, iron out my story’s problem areas so I can finish my manuscript and send it off to literary agents before the next millennium, post a blog or two, improve my LinkedIn and Pinterest skills, plan a working holiday to the UK, finish decorating the house, get back on my diet/exercise program, and, once and for all, learn to cook.


Then, to top it off, I got cast in a play!


You see, my husband had already done five shows in a row, and I was really missing him in the evenings.  So, when a former cast member begged him to try out for a small brand-new community theater that desperately needed actors, on a whim hubby and I auditioned and, to our delight, we both got in.


Yay!  Yikes!  Aaaaiiiiiieeeee!!!


Please don’t think me ungrateful.  Being cast is a privilege, and acting a joy and challenge.  However, there’s only so much time in a day, and only so much available brain glucose to process those day’s events with.  If you ask me, multitasking is a myth.  Line learning, rehearsals, and performances eat up huge blocks of time.  Something has got to give, and for me, blogging was the first casualty (blushes guiltily).


So, in this sparest of spare moments, I just want to quickly pop on here to:


1.  Let you know “I’m here!” and fill you in on where I’ve been.

2.  To announce the launch of a new blog category: “Nerdonian News”—Announcements about additions or changes to the website and/or updates regarding the latest progress toward publishing my book series.

3.  To remind all those overextended people out there to cut yourselves some slack.  It is fully acceptable to be M.I.A. now and again, put your bunny-slipper-clad feet up with a cup of hot tea and some Beethoven, close your weary eyes, and have a cogitate.

So, dear readers, I’ll stop by here again after closing night with a new blog post.  But until then, enjoy your spring and take some time for you!

Now I’d like to hear from YOU:



Do you often feel like that overextended rubber band? When you’re super busy, how do you find the time to juggle all your responsibilities and hobbies?  Do things start falling by the wayside?  Hang in there, readers, and please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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A self-professed nerd, Aviva Eales is a singer/actress/puppeteer turned speculative fiction writer, who blogs about all things literary, inspirational, and geeky from a Born-Again Christian perspective.  A music graduate of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, she and her husband enjoy classical music, theater, British comedy, Star Trek, reading, traveling, lifting weights, and frolicking at the ocean.

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