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The Greatest Love Isn’t Valentine’s Day Love

February 28, 2019


We all agree that LOVE is sweet.

It warms our hearts, makes life complete.

And every year we celebrate,

With cards and gifts our hands create.


Kisses, candy, chocolates, posies

Starry eyes and lips so rosy.

It’s all so romantic, all so fun,

Yet soon forgotten when it’s done.


“That’s all there is?” we ask next day.

Does love like clouds just float away?

And as we leave Love Month behind,

The world again feels cold and blind.


Does no one listen, no one care?

Scores are selfish, fake, unfair.

And on the evening news we find

The hateful heart of humankind.


“Where is love?” we loudly cry.

“Where’s the sun in darkening sky?”

Human love, though grand, is small

Next to the greatest love of all.


The mighty love of El Shaddai!

A finer prize than wealth can buy,

A love that transcends mere emotion,

A love that grants eternal devotion.


A love so ancient, strong, and true,

A guiding light for me and you.

No other love can quite compare

God’s faithful love is always there.


Do you yearn for a second chance?

Love that exceeds the best romance?

Then, turn your heart to Jesus’ love,

Ocean deep, yet from above.


Let God remold your heart today.

A new creation of living clay.

A thing of beauty, peace so freeing.

A work of art, reason for being.


If you trust Jesus died for your sin,

Buried, rose, eternal life to win.

Then, enter by the Open Door,

To claim God’s love forevermore…


His saving grace forevermore,

And truth and joy forevermore,

And light and strength forevermore,

My.  God.  Is.  Love.




So, is Jesus your God too?

Do you want Him to be?

Then, ask Him.

He'll listen.

Now I’d like to hear from YOU:



Let's face it; people seem to either love Valentine's Day or loathe it.  While I personally enjoy celebrating with my hubby, I know his love for me—as  precious as it is—can’t compare to the deep love of Jesus.  How do you feel about the holiday?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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A self-professed nerd, Aviva Eales is a singer/actress/puppeteer turned speculative fiction writer, who blogs about all things literary, inspirational, and geeky from a Born-Again Christian perspective.  A music graduate of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, she and her husband enjoy classical music, theater, British comedy, Star Trek, reading, traveling, lifting weights, and frolicking at the ocean.

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