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4 Facts about My Work in Progress


(Christian) Futuristic Family Saga

One town, two interconnected families, three generations, and numerous lives changed forever when dark secrets come to light.  A coming-of-age futuristic epic packed with mystery, danger, and romance.


Time Period

The Year 2039

An era of unparalleled advancements in technology, as well as stifling government control.



A lighthouse on the central Oregon Coast

In a small fictional tourist town in Oregon, two 1880s houses stand on opposite sides of the beach.  One is a turreted Queen Anne Victorian, the other a charming old keeper's house still inhabited by the lighthouse keeper's descendants.


What makes this family saga so special?

Its futurist time period and unique characters

Most family sagas are set in dramatic historical eras of the past, such as World War II, the American Civil War, or the exploration of the Wild West.  None, that I know of, take place in the future.  Nor do many sagas employ such an ethnically and racially diverse cast of characters.  I am especially fond of my main character--a lovely young woman who is not only caring and complex, but smart as a whip and laugh-out-loud funny.


Stay tuned for more tidbits to come!

Feeling Stressed?

Let your cares simply float away as you enjoy these pics of the wild and wonderful Oregon coast.

Hawk soars over Heceta Head
Joe Dimples soaks up the sun
Heceta Head Lighthouse up close
Heceta Lighthouse's Fresnel Lens
Up the trail behind the lighthouse
Finger of land between cliffs
Bears?  EEP!  Where???
Victorian Light-Keeper's House
View from Heceta House porch
House's Stained Glass Stairway
Joe Dimples daydreams from room
Heceta Head from nearby Seal Cave
One photogenic traveling teddy bear!
The rocky beach north of Heceta
Hey, seagull.  Say cheese!
Sun-soaked day at Oceanside, OR
Hug Point south of Cannon Beach, OR
Caves and waterfalls at Hug Point
Welcome to beautiful Cannon Beach!
Gulls of a feather flock together
Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock
Bluer-than-blue day at Cannon Beach
Gorgeous view just north of town
Cannon Beach's Ecola State Park
A golden Cannon Beach sunset

The above photographs are taken by Aviva and David Eales.

Do not use without express permission from the photographers.

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