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A singer/actress/puppeteer turned fiction writer, I fell in love with the speculative genre (fantasy, science fiction, futuristic, etc.) before I even knew it had a name.  Fantasy and futuristic coming-of-age stories are my forte, and I particularly enjoy reading and writing about tween and twenty-something protagonists stumbling their way through that scary maze called adulthood.  While I have two middle-grade fantasies in the development stage, my primary focus is finishing up the first book in a Christian near-future family saga for adults.

I am a graduate of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where I studied voice under Dr. Terry Strandt, and for twenty years I performed (and occasionally soloed) with the Chorus North Shore of Rockport, MA.  A huge classical music fan, Chopin and Bach are my favorite composers.  I grew up on the Massachusetts coast and lived in the beautiful state of Oregon for eleven years, but I am now back on the east coast with my dishy British husband, David, and one charmingly cheeky cockatiel named Nigel.

For more about me, please read "A Quick Q&A with the Queen of Nerdonia."

There are Comic-Con fans, computer geeks, science brainiacs, and more.  What kind of nerd are you?

One who loves British comedy, nature and science shows, PBS period dramas, Star Trek, ballet, puppetry, classical music, and history.  I'd rather go to a planetarium, museum, or symphony than a party or ball game any day.


Would you rather attend a performance or be in one?

Be in one, definitely!  I am one of those extroverted introverts who grew up in the performing arts.  I tend to be shy until I get up on stage, and then the thrill takes over and out comes the ham.  I'm sure other introverted performers would agree: the emotional response of an audience is a performer's greatest joy.


Favorite composers

1. Chopin

2. J.S. Bach

3. Beethoven

4. Handel & Vivaldi (tie)

5. George Gershwin

6. Mozart

Favorite movies

1. Fantasia

2. Singing in the Rain

3. The Sound of Music


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Trek all the way!  I love the spirit of exploration, the fascinating "science speak," the warm sense of camaraderie within an orderly military structure, the racial and gender equality, and the sheer logic of Trek.  I'm afraid I've never been able to get through more than a few minutes of Star Wars.  (Sorry, SW fans.)

Favorite Star Trek movie

The 4th: "Voyage Home."  Whales, time travel, Spock's bafflement at "colorful metaphors," and Scotty speaking into a computer mouse.  What's not to like?

Favorite TV shows

Aside from Star Trek, they are nearly all British comedies and dramas.

1. Are You Being Served?

2. Star Trek

3. As Time Goes By

4. Wild Kratts

5. Penelope Keith's Hidden Villages

6. The Vicar of Dibley

7.  Jeopardy

8. Masterpiece Theatre

9. NOVA & Nature (tie)

10. How It's Made

Favorite books

So many, including:  Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery,  Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum, The Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis, and nearly anything by Dick King-Smith (author of Babe, the Gallant Pig).


Recently, I discovered the amazing Lois Lowry (The Giver), who writes award-winning young adult and middle-grade novels.  Okay, I confess!  I'm mad for MG fiction, and I regularly gobble it up chapter by delectable chapter.  (After all, I hope to write it someday!)

Favorite fiction genres

Fantasy, coming-of-age, historical, social science fiction with humor and heart, romance, mystery, and middle-grade children's fiction (see above.)  I read about 80% nonfiction to 20% fiction, because I love to learn!

Favorite color

Emerald green.  I love bright colors, especially jewel tones and tropical hues.

Tell me something unique about you.

I have a rather rare neurological condition called "synesthesia"--the union of two or more unrelated senses.  As stated in Wikipedia, "synesthesia is the perceptional phenomenon where the stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to an automatic, involuntary response in a second sensory or cognitive pathway."


What does that mean in plain English?  In my case, it means I am a "grapheme synesthete."  As far back as I can recall, I have seen letters and numbers in color, each with its own fixed hue.  Predictably, spelling was my best subject in grade school, as I remembered both the letter and its color!


You can read more about this fascinating phenomenon in Wikipedia, Scientific American, Live Science, Psychology Today, and many other online sources.

If there's anything else you'd care to know about the Queen of Nerdonia, just ask.  Your question might just become my next blog post!





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